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Lose Early, Lose Fast!

In a previous life when I lost being a publisher, I re started and was hired as an old and bright new salesman – smart and hard-working, well-prepared for presentations, and so on. Course of the months, my pipeline looked absolutely fantastic at the beginning of each month, making it seem as if all upcoming months were about to be great for sales.

After a while, however, I realized I was having challenges. I would begin a month with 10 great leads, but by the end of that month most of them wouldn’t have moved one bit along my pipeline. So what was the problem? I discovered that I was getting the“we’re still thinking about it” treatment.

Patto, a man I would be forever indebted for all the knowledge, had a way of mentoring and teaching me things.

He let me loose and lose and would pitch in with what it is and what it takes to be what it is and would keep the conversation open. I changed my tactics and asked my prospects whether they were ready to place an order that month, I found that only one was willing to purchase.

Moral of the story? I got better at losing, I got far better at winning.

Luckily, I learnt.

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